About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Vision statement

Striving to respond to the diversifying needs of customers and providing the best solutions, we will deepening and evolving in the pursuit of genuine value of Marlim Energi Indonesia

Mission statement

The basic philosophy of Marlim Energi Indonesia is to provide products and services that are of value to customers

We make full use of our expertise in infrastructure development technology to provide best solution to the problems faced by our clients and looking to create more such consumer oriented companies in the future.

Marlim Energi Indonesia use guidelines of Independence, Speed , Teamwork and Reliability in order of client satisfaction

Additionally , assisting in the realization of a customer’s dream is meaning for our lives and gives our work meaning. We wish to contribute to the societing by realizing the dreams of e very infividual to the best of our ability.

Management and Organization Structure

The Board of Directors

President Director

Business Development Director

Marketing  Director

Operational Director

Finance & Administration Director

Board of Management  

Business Unit Manager

Commercial and Marketing Manager

Operational Manager

Site Manager

Engineering  Manager